• Merak Body Blue

The world's first all composite material competition case:

As we all know, the traditional F3C body is made of FRP, and the high-end competition body is very expensive, some products also exposed many problems in use: in order to reduce the weight caused by insufficient strength, often in flight resonance, and even during transportation and storage deformation.

"MERAK" developers from the mold design began to pursue perfection, put forward the idea of full composite material production, through the joint efforts of professional teams, developed the world's first PMI composite material competition body. It has greatly increased its strength in ensuring that the overall weight is minimized. Compared with traditional FRP, the body weight is lighter and stronger. It will not deform at high speed.

The body of the F3C is very important for static and aerial flight, especially for aerial flight, because of the high speed, the FRP casing will produce deformation and resonance under the action of wind pressure. If the body thickness is increased in order to increase strength, the weight will increase, thus affecting the performance of the aircraft. After countless attempts and improvements, our latest MERAK750 body has perfectly solved these problems.

The MERAK 750 finished painting weighs about 470 g (including spray paint) and is the lightest of all F3C bodies of the same grade. Don't look at such a lightweight weight, the structural strength is the highest in all F3C bodies. This ultra light and super strong feature comes from our PMI sandwich composite technology. In order to ensure the shape accuracy and surface smoothness, we have processed all-aluminum anodes, which are the flagship products that cost a lot.

Weight: 450g±20g

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Merak Body Blue

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